Finding a perfect house is just like shopping for new clothes. First, you need to know what do you want and for what occasion you will wear it. Second, you have to make sure it is within your budget.

Then you shop around to look if the clothes you have in mind is available in the market.

House hunting is like that. You identify what you want and how much money you have. But the entire process of looking for a perfect home is quite more complicated than shopping for new clothes.

To guide you in your house hunting, consider the following tips.


1) Know what type of home you want. Your personality should match well with the house that you will buy. Do you want to buy an existing house or do you want to build a new one? How many storeys do you want it to be? Do you like a garden or a lawn? Your house is an extension of who you are. Providing a Boerne realtor with this kind of information will help them provide options that will better suit your needs. It will save you time and energy to know first what you want before you start looking.

2) Do your research. Aside from the main features of the house, identify what else you want for your new house. Consider the necessities and the extras that you want to go along with the house. Check the neighborhood to see if the house is strategically located near schools, recreational facilities, and hospitals. Check and other real estate websites to look for a house in a particular neighborhood.

3) Consider how much money you have and how much loan you will need. As a rule of thumb, you might be approved for a loan that is two to three times your annual gross income. From this amount, create a budget that you are comfortable spending each month for the mortgage. This is very important to do before you find a home. Get your credit histories straightened out. Also prepare your proof of income such as your payslips, utility bills, etc. Get the advice of a lender to know how much money you can borrow. After you learn how much money you have, delimit your searches based on that budget.

4) Think long term.  How long do you want to stay in that house? If that is your starter house and you plan to move out after a few years, you might want to find a smaller house and with lesser facilities. If it is the house you want to stay in with your future family for the next 10 years or so, then you might want to get a bigger house with complete amenities.